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Selfie Frames are perfect for product launches, corporate events, graduations, formals, birthdays and other special events.

We have ready-made templates for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, even Tinder and they're available in 5 standard sizes however you can still get your own custom and die-cut Selfie Frame. Our Selfie Frames also have the option of having a rear strut added so that they can become self standing (*$20 per selfie frame) and able to be used as a prop on any designated surface.

600x900mm Selfie
700x1,000mm Selfie
850x1,200mm Selfie
1,200x1,500mm Selfie
1,200x1,800mm Selfie

* Prices in table do not include  gst, design or freight

Corporate Selfie
Custom Selfie
Twitter Selfie
Facebook Selfie Frame
Tinder Selfie
LinkedIn Selfie Frame
Snapchat Selfie
Instagram Selfie

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