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Our outdoor vinyl banners are printed on high quality Avery-brand 440gsm PVC, using the latest water-based printing technology. Our inks are UL ECOLOGO® and GREENGUARD GOLD Certified.


We offer standard finishing at no extra costs (Trim to size, Hemming, Eyeleting every 500mm). We also have other trimming and finishing available including hemmed rope ($5plm), extra stitching (RfQ), kedar rope, pockets ($5plm), zipers, velcro and snap lock. These services can be quoted based on the custom banner you are after, simoply call our team for a free quote. 

Outdoor Vinyl Banners (includes free hemming & eyelets):

Outdoor Mesh Banners (includes free hemming & eyelets):


BULK MESH SOLUTIONS (Free hemming & Eyelets every 1,000mm)

Bulk mesh banners are available in a 1,600mm or 1,800mm high rolls and supplied in 50m lengths, also requiring up to 72 hours in production.  Our Mesh Banners are available in a number of quality grades. Our Budget 9x9 Mesh is lighter with wider wind holes per square inch and ideal for companies only looking to promote a Company colour and logo, generally popular with construction companies and sporting grounds. Our Promotional or Premium mesh is constructed with smaller wind holes per square inch and ideal for companies looking to promote an image or images that require better resolution, generally more popular with promotional or product bases companies as well as property developpers.

Outdoor Media - Finishing Options

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