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Accessories to fit your purpose

We offer a range of accessories for all our flags. Each accessory is suited to a different scenario and requirement. Not sure what you should use? Call us and we'll guide you through the process.

When purchasing your flag, you will be offered the ground spike at no extra charge as it is the most requested accessory available.

You also have the option to upgrade to a different accessory that may fit your use best. See here-below accessories available including both prices with a Flag Purchase and as a replacement or in addition to existing accessory... (All prices below do not include gst or freight)

Flags - Accessories - Ground Spikes - BM

The ground spike is ideal for soft grounds such as grass, dirt or sand.

Flags - Accessories - Car Base - BM.png

Simply slide the Wheel Base under the tyres of any vehicle and it secures the flags safely, not matter the weather conditions.

Flags - Accessories - Ground Screw - BM.

The ground screw is stronger than the ground spike and also ideal for soft grounds such as grass, dirt or sand.

Flags - Accessories - Wall Mount -

Perfect to set up and secure on the side of any building. Straight or 30 Degree angles. Your choice.

Flags - Accessories - Budget Cross Feet

Our budget cross-feet have a 480mm radius with holes pre-ready for tent spike and ideally suited to fit on any surface. (Available in 2 different sizes to suit flag)

Flags - Accessories - Water Bag - BM.png

Need extra weight to secure your base down? Choose the waterbag for an extra 8kg of weight.

(Free with budget feet)

Flags -  Acessories - Deluxe Cross Feet

The deluxe cross feet is heavier in weight and made to look the part too.

Built to suit any surface.

Flags - Accessories - heavyweight base -

The heavy weight base is nearly 10kgs and its name speaks for itself. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use or any flat surfaces.

(2 sizes available to suit flag)

Flags - Accessories - Carry bag.png

Replacement bags available for all sizes.

Free with any flag purchase

Offers business card slot to recognise your bag.


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