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It is not every day that something new in the Point Of Sale Industry really makes a move due to its innovation. EzySkins Frameless Matrix Frames have developped a complete DIY Frameless Display system designed for the Retail Space and today, it has become an essential architectural element for any display environment. The applications of the frameless displays have extended to the following areas:

  • Architecture

  • Wall graphics

  • Ceiling graphics

  • Signage

  • Way finding

  • Exhibitions

  • Retail, commercial and industrial spaces

  • Residential and commercial environments

  • Art galleries and museums

  • and more...

Frameless displays are revolutionising what it means to put print on display. The Matrix Frame system houses eye-catching textile banners using the latest silicone edging that are much more convenient to ship, store and swap out than traditional prints but also much easier to change, swap or replace. Each lightweight aluminium frameless display is engineered for both flexibility and longevity - easily assembling yet able to support countless banners over its lifetime. As part of this extensive product line of custom fabric displays, we cater to all manner of spaces and are able to customise any frame for any application or environment. For all your frameless display needs, call us today for a quote or more information on 1300 10 20 40..

Prices are exclusive of gst & freight

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