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Bamboo Lounge Banners are perfect for offices, schools, real estate, legal services, salons, retail and any application where you want your banners to look warm and engaging like a piece of crafted furniture.

Bamboo, is beautiful and durable... 

Bamboo isn’t just beautiful to look at. It’s stronger than plastic and wood and in laminated form can be compared with steel for durability. 

Bamboo is environmentally-friendly... 

As well as looking great, bamboo is a highly-renewable resource since it only takes about a tenth of the time for it to grow than most types of hardwood. Bamboo is also cultivated without the use of any 

environmentally damaging chemicals or pesticides. 


Bamboo is affordable... 

Our Bamboo Lounge Banners are the perfect way to promote your brand and products, and don’t cost the earth.


Bannermart provides your choice in print on either vinyl, polyprop, fabric or pvc mesh (at no extra cost).

*prices don't include GST and delivery


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